Professor Bill Beach

AJJF Professor 1966
Deceased August 17, 2012

While stationed in the Navy, in the 1950’s, Bill Beach began his studies of the Kodenkan system at Professor Ray and Marie Law’s American Judo & Jujitsu School in Oakland, California.

After his discharge, Bill moved to Jacksonville, Florida and began teaching at his own school.

Active in the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation for several years, Bill held the post of Director of Region five for many years.

He was promoted to Godan and made Professor on February 26, 1966.  He became inactive in the AJJF around 1970, when he founded the Hawaiian Jujitsu Guild.  He returned to the AJJF in 1978 and was active until his retirement in 1982.

Professor Beach lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Reprinted from Danzan Ryu:  An Unbroken Tradition (1992) by permission of the author, Mary L. Boland.