The Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute Healing Arts Award

Recipients of this award have shown by their actions and their dedication to uphold the highest ideals of Professor Okazaki’s healing arts curricula. They have assiduously pursued the study of Seifukujitsu, employed its principles in the conduct of their training and promoted its growth and dissemination. Recipients of this award have freely and without reservation used their Seifukujitsu to help others. Recipients of this award are held in the highest regard by students, practitioners and senior instructors of Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu and Healing Arts.Before making a nomination please read the complete criteria to make sure the nominee and nominator are eligible. As a nominator. please include all available and pertinent contact information requested, so we may contact you if we have questions. If you have questions please call Ed Shatzen at (805) 376-1725, or send an email to:

  • All nominations must be done on the official ballot.
  • All nominations must meet all criteria in the official guidelines.
  • All nominations should be written legibly or, preferably, typed.
  • Any nominations not meeting the preceding criteria may be discarded.


  1. Except for those individuals listed in #2 below, any member of the AJJF or participant in a DZRSI program is eligible to receive the award.
  2. AJJF Professors and members of the DZRSI Standards Committee are not eligible to receive the award. Current members of the DZRSI Standards Committee include Sensei Cynthia Frueh (Chair), Prof Bob Hudson, Sensei Doug Musser, Sensei Ed Shatzen and Sensei Misty Featherstone.
  3. AJJF Yudansha and DZRSI Instructors, Assistant Instructors, and Aides may make nominations.

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Recipients of the Healing Arts Award

2010Terry Tupes
2011Michael Burkett
2012Misty Featherstone
2013Prof. Tom Ryan
2014Filiberto Gutierrez
2016Carol Drew