The weekend of November 17th was the official start of the 2023 Kodenkan Jujitsu Fall Seminar.
An event with over forty years of history, the seminar welcomes both instructors and students
from across the country to come to Rutgers University – New Brunswick to teach Danzan Ryu
Jujitsu as well as other techniques to both new and seasoned students. This year, the seminar was
held at the Cook/Douglass recreation center.

Students from four dojos came to Rutgers for the seminar this year representing: the Pocono
Mountain Judo Club, Danzan Ryu NYC, Kuroinukan and of course, Rutgers Kodenkan. Friday
night set the bar with unique teachings from each instructor. Saturday onward kept spirits high
by providing a large variety of workshops including Yawara, Shime, Nage, Judo Newaza and
more. A joint mobility class and circulatory massage class taught by Dr. Kevin Schnitzer and
Sensei Barb Gessner respectively were available as well.

As always, a major highlight of the seminar was the Saturday night dinner held at Supreme
Buffet and Flaming Grill in Manville, NJ. Here, instructors and students alike gathered to enjoy
an Asian Fusion buffet and “learn the secrets of Jujitsu”. The combination of good food and
good company was what truly made this dinner so successful.

Rutgers Kodenkan Jujitsu extends its gratitude to all those in attendance and looks forward to
another good year of Jujitsu!