AJJF Family,

Greg and Rob Here,

When we were chosen to host the 2017 convention we promised ourselves we would do everything humanly possible to make convention happen for as many DZR students as possible.

The AJJF as you know is a non-profit organization and we endeavor to run as tight a ship as possible. Rob crunched some numbers and we put our heads together and decided to run a 24-hour sale on convention registrations.

Starting Monday Jan 30th at noon EST we will open registration with a $10-dollar discount. Don’t delay though because this discount will only be available for 24 hours!  While this might not seem like a great deal of money for those of us on a tight budget it goes a long way.

Need to refill you massage lotion? Stop by the AJJF Store and get some Okazaki Bug Juice. Or maybe it’s time for a new AJJF Patch? Or perhaps you could share a latte with your sensei! What you do with that Hamilton is up to you!