Welcome to Camp Kodenkan North!

June 5-9, 2019

Camp Kodenkan North has been an AJJF tradition since 1974. It’s one of the best and most unique places to train in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. It was held at or near Sis-Q Ranch, the home of Sr Prof Tom Ball and his wife, Jan, until 2017.

Camp is now held at Oakland Feather River Camp in Quincy, CA. It is located in the beautiful Plumas National Forest on Spanish Creek. With towering pines, cedars and black oaks, Oakland Feather River Camp is the ideal spot for hosting Camp North. There are over 300 beds available in 92 rustic, but civilized platform tents or cabins. The Camp facility offers delicious, catered meals in a Dining Hall with seating in a tent covered patio that accommodates 270. Vegetarian entrees and a salad bar are available. There is also a historic outdoor amphitheater and veranda overlooking Spanish Ridge and Spanish Creek, where campers can gather for dancing or games. Campers can also swim in a swimming hole running right through Camp! Also accessible are hundreds of miles of hiking, mountain biking and horse trails in Plumas National Forest. Facilities are handicap-accessible.

Many people who come to Camp find that they have the opportunity to delve deeper into DZR and the martial arts. Professors and Senior Instructors are readily available for conversation and special classes, as are cross training opportunities with other talented guest instructors. There is also plenty of leisure time, excellent food, storytelling, and more!

Camp North is appropriate for all ranks, ages 18 and over (exceptions can be made through the Camp Director). A special training day for brown and black belts will be offered again this year. Thursday, June 6 will focus on classes for brown belts and yudansha, taught by AJJF Professors. There will be addiitonal training opportunities for brown and black belts throughout Camp, with more classes available for all ranks Friday through Sunday. In addition, classes at Camp can be arranged especially to fit the participants, so we encourage students at green belt level and below to attend. We think Camp will have its place as a most memorable training experience.