AJJF Blackbelt Examinations

AJJF Blackbelt examinations for the ranks of Shodan through Yodan are administered on a regional basis according to a standard set of guidelines.  Other examinations are conducted at the National Convention or by arrangement with Board of Professors and the Examinations Committee Chair.  The complete examination procedure and rank requirements may be found in the AJJF Schoolheads Handbook in the section titled Examination for Blackbelt. Please contact the Chair of the Exams Committee, Dominic Beltrami, at (707) 738-0621 with questions or for additional information.

A set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is also now available online.

Reservations for an exam slot can be made by contacting the individual specified for the desired examination.  The deadline for registration is generally 2 weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. An insufficient number of registered candidates may result in cancellation of an exam date.

AJJF Senseis please note: If you have students interested in examining and do not see a local date scheduled, please contact your regional Examination Committee Member for information on scheduling or hosting an exam date.

National Convention Examinations

    A limited number of examinations slots are available for candidates for the rank of Yodan and candidates for other ranks that have considerations that may preclude examination at a regional exam date.  Contact Dominic Beltrami to request examination at the National Convention.

Upcoming Regional Examinations

Northwest Region

Black Belt Exams
Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu
Sacramento, CA
Sunday, 2/28/16 @ 9:00 am

It is my pleasure to announce that there will be black belt exams in Sacramento Sun 2/28/16 starting at 9:30a. Sensei Larry Carter has graciously offered to host the exams at his dojo, Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu. There will be a maximum of 6 exams, so please get your applications in early.

You either email your application material to me at this address or physical mail copies (please keep originals, just in case) to me at the address below.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email or leave a message at 530-863-7677

Lyle Najita
Davis Ju-do Kai
638 Cantrill Dr, Suite D
Davis, CA 95618

Southwest Region

Southern California Regional Convention
Santa Clarita Valley Jujitsu
Friday, Mar 4, 2016
Time 1pm

26620 Valley Center Dr #106
Canyon Country, CA 91351

Contact :
Aromalyn Magtira, Exams Coordinator

Hawaii Region

No exams scheduled at this time

Rockies Region

No exams scheduled at this time

Central Region

DZR Chicago Clinic

February 19th, 2016
Monica Villanueva will be holding back belt exams at a clinic in Chicago, IL on Friday, February 19th, 2016
Please submit ALL of the required paperwork no later then January 29th, 2016.
PLEASE snail mail all paperwork ONLY to the address below. The dojo and I have moved and I WILL NOT get your application at any other address. Emailing scanned legible copies will be sufficient.

Ward Melenich, Sensei
Kuroinukan/ Duluth Judo Club
4048 Fairview Rd.
Duluth, MN 55803

Northeast Region

No exams scheduled at this time

Southeast Region

No exams scheduled at this time

The AJJF Examinations Committee

This page provides contact information for the AJJF Examinations Committee. The Examinations Committee members are responsible for the administration, in person or by proxy, of regional examinations for the rank of Shodan through Sandan. The complete set of responsiblities of the committee may be found in the AJJF School Handbook. Use the e-mail address to send a message to the Examinations Committee chair.

AJJF Examinations Committee Members



E-mail Address

Phone Number
Committee Chair Dominic Beltrami (707) 738-0621
NorthWest Region Lyle Najita (530) 863-7677
SouthWest Region Aromalyn Magtira (805) 276-0872
Rockies Region Johnny Matijevich (720) 985-9685
Hawaii Region Travis Prose 808-756-1943
Central US Ward Melenich (218) 525-9472
NorthEast Region Steve Huegel (610) 570-9377
SouthEast Region David Shaw (803) 730-4222
Outside the United States Contact Committee Chair
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